4 Reasons You Deserve to Take a Break From Your Desk Job

Between building our professional portfolios, attending conferences, networking, rushing to meetings, and making time for our personal lives, burnout can become a stressful reality, and quickly. Here are a few reasons taking a break from your routine 9-to-5 may be a good idea:
Health Becomes More Important
If you don't make hitting the gym or catching a yoga class part of your weekly routine, you're not alone. Many young professionals want to make their physical health a priority but are unable to with demanding work schedules and extra curricular activities. If you've been toying with the idea of taking some time off before accepting a new job, or have wanted to take a mini vacation to hit reset on your health, do it. By taking 'me' time, you're forcing yourself to recognize what's important: Eating right, regularly exercising, and paying attention to your physical needs.
Skill Development 
When you're working in a vacuum, you may lose the motivation to develop new skills. Many professionals struggle with the opportunity cost of investigating new skillsets and mastering the ones they already have. A hiatus from your day job means you can pursue new challenges and opportunities with full vigor. Attend a coding workshop, pursue a special certification, or take a photography class to flex new muscles and discover a talent you might have had all along.
Refocus Your Career Path
Taking a step back doesn't mean taking a step backward, it simply means you've chosen to put yourself first on your career path. If you dreaded your day job, or even a piece of the job you were tasked with, there's a good chance that career path might not have been the best fit. Take some time to dive into why you've chosen the career you have, and if you decide it's not where you want to be, decide how you can pivot. The beauty of being a young professional is in the mobility, after all.
A Much-Needed (Brain) Break
Young professionals in desk jobs, like accounting or project management, may often feel overwhelmed and under-stimulated by the job in front of them. Taking a break from your current job allows your brain to rest the areas that may have been overworked. However, taking a break does not mean taking a seat. Dive into a book, take an online course, or pick up a hobby to keep your mind sharp while you let yourself drift to the next step in your career.
Wanting a small escape from your daily activities isn't a bad thing. More often than not its a sign that you've used up your resources and need to recharge. Give yourself permission to take a break to get ready for the next (and often more fulfilling) step in your career.