2015 will be a great year in Sacramento

Thank you Michael Young, Metro EDGE Communications Committee Chair and Sr. Marketing and Communications Specialist, Sacramento Regional Transit District, for this blog post!

When representatives from Mayor Kevin Johnson’s office asked Metro EDGE to write a guest blog for the 2015 State of the City event, we jumped higher than a KJ dunk at the chance. Not only is EDGE excited to be a part of our city’s continued ascent in 2015, but the invitation shows that the ideas of young professionals (YPs) are valued in the region.

What we’re looking forward to in 2015

At the top of EDGE’s list is the second annual EMERGE Summit. Scheduled for March 27 at the historic Crest Theater, the goal of EMERGE is to ignite the passion of local YPs and generate ideas that improve Sacramento through activism and community involvement. The half-day congregation is a collaboration between nearly all the YP leadership groups in the region. EDGE has aspirations to grow the event into a destination conference attracting YPs from across the state and positioning Sacramento as a hotbed for YP leadership.

EDGE is also excited in 2015 to support efforts in our city to develop key infill and transportation projects that will drive new economic opportunities for residents, and act as an attraction for those looking for new horizons.

As the sale of the former railyards site nears completion, the prospect of an entire new section of downtown creates happy thoughts. Think about it, what if we build a soccer stadium where the Sacramento Republic Football Club will play; develop a public market possibly in a revitalized Sacramento Valley Station; and connect these features to West Sacramento, the new Downtown Sports and Entertainment Center, and the cool Midtown scene via a new streetcar? The groundwork for this all is being laid out in 2015 and we look forward to being a part of the process. You can bet we’ll be listening closely at State of the City 2015 to hear more about these initiatives.

Finally, EDGE is excited about the ever-changing “scene” in Sacramento.

One of the coolest developments over the past year has been the creation of concerts and festivals put on locally by the TBD Fest group. The three-day TBD Fest in October 2014 was epic, bringing world-renowned artists to our riverfront. It was followed by the TBD New Year’s Eve block party, providing a hipper option to the standard public New Year’s events. All this even before mentioning the music brought to us by This is Midtown and other groups throughout the year.

EDGE believes the best way to attract and retain talented young leaders is to create a place with a thriving arts and culture scene, strong civic amenities, and clear opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Sacramento has the opportunity to take a step forward in all three areas in 2015.

On January 29, you’ll find many EDGErs in attendance at the State of the City. We’ll be eager to talk with community leaders, whose willingness to open doors and think differently is allowing YPs to contribute more than ever to our city’s prosperity. We can’t wait to listen to Mayor Kevin Johnson lay out his plans for 2015. Will we see you there?