15 Minutes of F.A.M.E. with Joseph Hernandez

Joseph Hernandez
Master of Business Administration Candidate
California State University, Sacramento

Where do you currently work, how long have you been there, what do you do?

Currently, I am a Master of Business Administration Candidate at California State University, Sacramento. I am also the President of the MBA Networking Association at Sac State, the premiere and sole MBA organization at Sacramento State University, and plan to graduate with a concentration in Business Analytics in Healthcare in May of 2016.

Prior to that?

Prior to my current role, I worked as an Employee Training Specialist at INALLIANCE located in Sacramento.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.

What is the best part of your job?

I have the opportunity to interact with a lot of great, motivating, and intelligent people through outer community outreach and campus engagement. It is also a huge honor to represent the Sac State MBA student body as their President.

What do you love about living here?

The thing I love about Sacramento is its ENERGY! It feels as though the city is going through a revitalization, which can be seen and felt all around. It's a city that cares about its people and it's inspiring to see how much change one person can still make in Sacramento. I am excited to be here, right now, when it seems as though the sky is the limit for our city of Sacramento!

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?

I’m a fanatic EDGEr who loves to be involved! Active member of the Communications & Sponsorship Committees and 2016 College and University Liaison on the Leadership Council. This all happens while still running the MBA Networking Association at Sac State…I’m a busy guy!

When you aren't in the office where can we find you?
You can find me in Midtown! Delicious restaurants, exciting events, open parks, cool bars, aromatic coffee shops- It’s a unique luxury to have so many options right outside my front door.