15 minutes of F.A.M.E. with John Stevens

John Stevens
Online Marketing Manager
CustomerLink Systems
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Where do you currently work, how long have you been there, what do you do?
I work at CustomerLink Systems in the marketing department as the Online Marketing Manager, and I've been there for two years. I created and maintain the main website for CustomerLink and I run our online marketing activities including email, pay-per-click advertising as well as our search engine optimization efforts.  Since it's a small marketing department, I also get a chance to work on a lot of off-line, more traditional, marketing projects for the company as well.

Prior to that?
Prior to CustomerLink, I worked as a freelance web developer and online marketing consultant, primarily partnering with talented designers and building websites for small to medium sized businesses.  I've also worked as the Marketing Director for a local law firm and, before a career change about five years ago, I worked as a Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster for several years.

What is your educational background?
I have a degree in psychology from UCLA. Go Bruins!

What is the best part of your job?
Creating cool stuff that people use!  I love it when people get excited about something that I've created or helped to create.

What do you love about living here?
Sacramento is a great place to live! I love the weather, all the great local produce and restaurants and the ability to jump in the car for an hour or so and be sitting at the beach or walking through quiet forests deep in the Sierras.

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?
People are surprised these days that I'm a good athlete and used to be a high school quarterback.  I guess that doesn't jive with the glasses and all the computer code that I write now.

When you aren't in the office where can we find you?
You can find me hanging out with my two daughters and wife, sitting in my home office writing code, on the golf course or, during football season, yelling at the TV in my living room.