Metro EDGE Speaks to City’s Civic Amenities

City’s cultural draw is key to growth, Sacramento Metro Chamber forum is told

The Sacramento Bee
June 9, 2012

By Claudia Buck

Last year, it was about creating jobs in the “Next Economy.” This year, when the Sacramento Metro Chamber held its annual “State of the Region” forum, it was about creating culture, the after-work life needed to attract and retain companies and their employees. “One of the things our future work force looks for is ‘civic amenities,’ ” said Dennis M. Rogers, the chamber’s senior vice president for public policy and economic development, after the Friday gathering. The region already has a wealth of cultural and outdoor attractions, Rogers noted. But it’s not enough. The chamber said research by the Urban Land Institute shows that developments like arts districts can help generate economic growth. For young professionals, it’s about more than just a paycheck, said Sean O’Brien, chair of Metro EDGE, the chamber’s young professionals group. “When they’re searching for a job, they pick the place they want to live first, then look for a job in that city.” Full Story.