Metro EDGE Featured in National Magazine

How Associations are Targeting Young Professionals

Meetings & Conventions Magazine
January 1, 2012

By Michael C. Lowe

Fresh blood is not the sole province of the Twilight series. Many professional associations see the growing number of Millennials entering the work force as a critical, untapped demographic that could bolster their aging — and often declining — ranks. There’s just one problem: Millennials — those born roughly between 1982 and 2000 — don’t appear to be as interested as their predecessors were in affiliating with associations. Attending a networking event can be especially intimidating if you’re 25 and everyone else is older, more established and already knows most of the crowd. “When you go to these big networking events, there’s a huge generation gap,” says Alexis Fitzpatrick, chair of Metro Edge, a Sacramento, Calif.-based group specifically geared to meet the needs of young professionals. Full Story.