Shante Matteis

Shante Matteis

Worldwide Marketing, Hewlett-Packard Company

Professional Development Chair

I love traveling the world but Sacramento is always home. No other city has the same compilation of family, friends and personable businesses which equates to an irreplaceable community. I joined EDGE for the opportunity to help invigorate the region’s young professionals. I think there are many young professionals in the area that have the same craving to grow as a community while advancing individual and professional growth, which this organization helps to foster. As a Sacramento native and resident, I am a stakeholder in the success of the region. I hope to contribute my professional experience to EDGE in 2017 but above all I am excited to share my energy and enthusiasm for Sacramento– as a neighbor and friend!

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EDGE Offices

2014 Secretary
2015 Secretary
2016 Secretary
2017 Professional Development Chair