Ryan Porter

Ryan Porter

Project Manager, Market One Builders

Immediate Past Chair

My name is Ryan Porter and I am the outgoing 2013 Chair Elect for Metro EDGE. I call Sacramento home because it offers me the best balance for a fulfilling life style. I live downtown with my wonderful wife Sara and our obnoxious wiener dog Walter. We love all the restaurants, coffee shops, scenery and overall vibe. Moving back to Sacramento after I graduated from Cal Poly in 07’ was a no brainer to me because this place just feels like home. It is also invigorating to see that this town is teeming with potential for development & growth and those who want to get involved need only seize the opportunities.

Metro EDGE has provided me with such opportunities and I’ve been lucky enough to have been a founding member almost 5 years ago (crazy!!!). I’ve been able to see this fledgling organization grow from a grass roots movement to a stable, prosperous distinguished organization. Hopefully I will be able to carry forward my lessons learned, and there are many, to the new leadership which is poised to take EDGE to the next level in the coming year.

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