Mitch Gaskey

Mitch Gaskey

Real Estate Project Manager, SBM

Networking and Events Committee Chair

I chose Sacramento for a variety of reasons. Although I do have deep family ties to Northern California, I chose to be here because I believe Sacramento is really coming into its own. There's an energy and a confidence in the community at the moment and it's absolutely infectious.

I chose EDGE because I wanted to find a way to get involved in this energy and also have a direct and positive impact. EDGE really attracted me for two main reasons: (1) passion, and (2) talent. Everyone involved has a passion for improving the lives of everyone in the Sacramento region. Everyone in EDGE are the brightest and best in their professions, so it's a privilege to have the opportunity to work closely with them. EDGE is poised to do some great things for the region this year, and it's exciting to see where that will take us and set the stage for many years to come.

I bring both an energy and an ability to set goals that I believe will benefit EDGE greatly. I'm a project manager in real estate development, so setting high goals and keeping things on track are paramount traits to have in order for any endeavor to be successful. We have some great ideas and big goals we hope to achieve this year and I can't wait to see what kind of year we'll have.

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2015 Network Events Chair