Michael Young

Michael Young

Sr. Marketing and Communications Specialist, Regional Transit

Communications Committee Chair

I’m interested in where Sacramento is headed and how we plan to get there. I want to work with young leaders and continue to build on the momentum of projects like the downtown arena, the Farm to Fork movement and the Brandathon.

Our-six county region starts to get pretty big when you think about it as a whole, but the more I take part in major events or community initiatives, it seems a core group of people really drive the success of our region. These people, many of whom are Metro EDGE members, seem open to new ideas and are willing to lend a hand even when the direct personal benefit may not be immediately clear.

How do we engage more of our population in the success of the economy and our region? More people need to take personal responsibility and work to improve our communities through the sharing of ideas and by getting their hands dirty - myself included. That’s why I chose to become part of the EDGE leadership committee. That, and to have few beers and meet a few good people in the process.

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2014 Communications Co-Chair
2015 Communications Chair