Michael Weagraff

Michael Weagraff

Development & Strategic Initiatives Analyst, College of Business Administration at Sacramento State

Community Engagement Chair

As the Development and Strategic Initiatives Analyst for the College of Business Administration at Sacramento State, I help develop strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals in the region with the ultimate goal of providing a better educational experience for the students. I am fortunate that I have a job that allows me to come up with creative ways to engage with the community.

Except for a brief period of time, Sacramento has been my home for my entire life. When I left to go to college out of state, I didn’t feel Sacramento had a culture that promoted opportunities for young professionals. When I returned, I realized that a new culture had developed, one that recognized the importance of providing engaging and professional development opportunities for Millennials and upcoming generations.
When I joined Metro EDGE in 2012, I was looking to meet new people. What I didn’t expect to find were the endless opportunities available to me to give back to the community. By joining the Philanthropy Committee, I surrounded myself with caring people who had a passion for helping others in any way they could. I learned the meaning of giving back and saw first-hand just how volunteering your time for one hour could make a difference in someone else’s life. The experience I gained while serving on the Philanthropy Committee had prepared me to be the Co-Chair of the newly formed Community Engagement Committee. As I serve as the Chair, I look forward to continuing developing ways our members can make a difference in the community, whether it is volunteering for a non-profit or advocating for issues that impacts young professionals.

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2017 Program Chair