Emilie Cameron

Emilie Cameron

Sr. Public Relations Manager, 3fold Communications

Immediate Past Chair

A life-long resident of the Sacramento region, I can truly say I’m in love with living and working here. I’ve been able to attend a world-class university (Go Aggies!); found my dream job – twice; I can still ride my bike almost anywhere I want; and, I can feast on some of the world’s best food and drink grown right here.

Just as important, for nearly six years I’ve also been a part of a community of young professionals that are making history. I’m often asked why I joined Metro EDGE. Simply put, it’s about access. Access to other motivated professionals, access to regional business and civic leadership, and most importantly, access to inspiration. Not only do I as an individual have a voice in how our region is developed – hello new downtown arena, being #OnTheMap2016, and the new B Street Theatre (among others) – I’m also part of a movement influencing policies to support economic development and job growth, which will continue to attract and retain future talent. In other words, I’m creating a legacy.

My experience as a history major may influence that last part, but I absolutely believe we are the generation that is writing the next page of the history books. There’s no better place than Sacramento to be!

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2015 Immediate Past Chair