Adrian Webber

Adrian Webber

Attorney, Downey Brand LLP

Membership Committee Chair

While I didn’t grow up in the Sacramento region, I did live here for a brief period in my youth. Ultimately, I left the region to attend college in San Diego. Truthfully, I didn’t think I would return. However, after a move to the Bay Area for law school my career thankfully led me straight back to this city. When I returned in 2008, I found a much different city than the one I left. It was not at all the Sacramento I remembered from my youth. Sacramento had developed into a cultural hub with an extremely diverse range of people, activities, and options.

I have now lived in Sacramento for six years and during that time the city has continued to develop and change. It is a very exciting time to be here. The landscape of downtown is changing. Midtown has developed into a cultural center. Put simply, the future is bright for Sacramento. One of the reasons I joined MetroEdge in 2009 was to engage other young professionals in a dialogue about the future of this city and the role of young professionals in that future. Over the years, my MetroEdge membership has opened that dialogue for me and enabled me to connect with an incredibly diverse, talented, and driven group of young professionals. I am thankful for the opportunity to now chair the Membership Committee and I look forward to connecting with new, existing, and prospective members of MetroEdge in the coming year.

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2016 Membership Chair