Krista Bernasconi, owner and principal of KFB Public Affairs

I am Krista Bernasconi, owner and principal of KFB Public Affairs, a PR firm in downtown Roseville. I’m also a mom, wife, friend and occasional conspirator. I suppose I’ve always been one to raise my hand for a cause. I remember championing an effort in middle school for the purchase of left-handed desks.  Funny thing was, once the school had them, I had become accustomed to the awkwardness of the right-handed desks, but that’s another story.

For more than 15 years, I have served on boards and commissions for the Roseville Planning Commission, Roseville City School District Board of Education, Roseville Chamber and various nonprofits close to my heart. Once upon a time, I co-founded IGNITE, Roseville Chamber’s Young Professionals Organization aimed to inspire our members to feel the flame of inspiration, igniting a fire in the heart of this generation.

So, the question posed to me, “why is it important for young people to be a part of economic development by participating on public boards” is really no different than for any other demographic. Perspectives offered by young professionals and others are integral to the prosperity and advancement of our region.
Because there are six generations in the workplace, each is responsible for showing up, for claiming their seat at the table, for investing their best interests in the community.

Serving on a board or commission is more than service; it is understanding the issues before us and tackling them with a sense of social responsibility. By taking an interest in civic engagement, we coordinate our efforts and our passions into action. This type of involvement prepares us to mold the landscape of our region’s future. After all, global business visionary Peter Drucker said it right: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

If you are interested in following in Krista's footsteps and joining a commission, the City of Sacramento is looking for a few good YP men and women. Make your mark on our community.