This is a past event

Trivia Night


Do you know lots of useless facts? Is trivia storage crowding out more important information you actually need to recall? If so, put it to good use and win prizes! And if not, come test your luck – and hope you’re placed on a team with a smarty-pants trivia fiend! Join your fellow Metro EDGErs for a fun night of trivia and show everyone how much you know about history, sports, Sacramento-lore and more. 


** Due to the continuing increase in registration at events, we have changed the policy for non-member registration. Non-members will now be charged $10 to attend, BUT that cost will be deducted from the costof membership, should that non-member decide to sign-up at the event.

Blue Cue

2730 J St
Sacramento, CA 95816

Date & Time
10.2.12 5:30–8pm