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Meet the Metro EDGE Committees

Join a Metro EDGE Committee in 2021!

Every year, Metro EDGE produces many resources and events to help you grow your network, develop skills, and find belonging as a young professional in the Sacramento region. Meet the Committees is your chance to meet new people and get more involved with EDGE!

Behind each EDGE blog post, forum, mixer, and volunteer opportunity is an EDGE Committee­—a team of young professionals who contribute their time, energy, and creativity to make EDGE a valuable resource and place of belonging. Meet them, quiz them, join them, or just use this as an opportunity to connect with a few young professionals as we kick off the new year.

Unlike years past (not the first time we've said that), our annual Meet the Committees event will be on Zoom rather than in-person. Think of it as speed dating meets happy hour networking meets trade convention floor. Log on and hop between the Engage, Develop, Empower, Give, Communications, and Emerge Committee breakout rooms at your own pace. Meet the chairs and co-chairs, ask questions, and maybe find a place to get more involved.

Need a break from the committee Q&As? Pop over to one of our BYOB happy hour breakout rooms and catch up with a friend or make a new connection. Each happy hour breakout will be staffed by EDGE ambassadors, so no need to fear being first to the party.

Whether you're looking to get more involved, want to learn more about EDGE, or just in need of some social interaction, we hope to see you soon at Meet the Committees!

Watch our short invitational videos from each of our Committees:

Ambassador Program


Emerge Summit





Date & Time
1.19.21 5:30 - 7pm