Immersion Day 2020

Attention all YP's: Something major is happening and we want all of you to get involved.

Immersion Day, formerly known as Issue Immersion Day, is one of Metro EDGE’s biggest regional advocacy events. As the name suggests, this is a day where EDGErs immerse themselves in a particular regional topic and get to hear from key executives from the industry or initiative, visiting important sites related to the theme for a hands-on understanding of the topic. This year, the topic is TBD.

Sacramento has experienced tremendous growth in the past ten years. But what has that done for the city and region at large? In this year’s Immersion Day, we’ll study the growth of the region and explore how developments in transportation, arts/culture, food/agriculture, education, accessibility, affordable housing, and real estate has impacted Sacramento’s people and influenced what’s to come. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with leaders who have supported various initiatives aimed at investing in Sacramento and Sacramento's communities, but more importantly, bring ideas to the table to start a conversation on what Sacramento should be. This hands-on (but not too hands-on) experience will take you and your EDGE peers on a half day adventure around the city resulting in deeper connections, understanding, and empowerment around our city’s potential.

Following Immersion Day will be the *2020 Immersion Day Mixer . All existing, new, and potential EDGE YP’s are encouraged to take it to the next level and keep the conversation going over food and beverage.

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Date & Time
6.18.20 12:30-5:30pm