Christine Calvin, Crocker Art Museum

christine1. How has Metro EDGE helped you grow as a young professional?

Metro EDGE has provided me with a level of access to leaders and opportunities that were not previously available to me through my job or social circles. Years of committed, active membership to the organization have allowed me to develop deep, meaningful and strategic relationships throughout the Sacramento region and have helped me to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes in my community. Additionally, taking a leadership role in EDGE has made it possible for me to serve as a voice for young professionals throughout the region and grow my reputation among my

2. What would you say are your best three leadership strategies?

  • Active listening
  • Asking strategic questions
  • Building efficient, productive teams

3. Who has/continues to be your mentor? What have they taught you?

For the past three year’s I’ve been working with a professional coach, Tania Fowler of Interplay Coaching. Her change-management, communications and team-building expertise have been invaluable to my professional development. But the most valuable skill she has taught me is how to ask strategic questions, and how to continue asking questions until the root of an issue or puzzle has been uprooted. Thoughtful “how” and “what” questions (as opposed to “why” questions), are more effective at revealing subtleties and details. For example, you could ask a team member “why didn’t you follow through?” and they might not be so articulate in explaining themselves. But if you ask them “what stopped you from following through?” a different level of detail will likely be put forth.

4. How important has it been for you to find and network with groups of young professionals?

We refer to Sacramento as a city -- and a growing one at that -- but at its heart, Sacramento is a town. A small town built on relationships. And while there are many ways to grow and develop a career in the region, building a strong and diverse network has, for me, been my greatest asset. The deep and lasting relationships I have built through long-term, consistent involvement in EDGE have connected me in countless ways to executives, companies, charities, boards, and opportunities that I otherwise would not have encountered. I can now walk into any event in town, see various EDGE members, and be confident and comfortable walking up to them and entering their circle of conversation.

5. What motivates you to get out of bed and go to work?

The challenge. I work best under pressure -- when there is too much to be done, too few resources, too little time, and goals that seem impossible to hit. Combined, those factors awaken in me a spirit of deep competition and drive, and I simply must prove to myself that I have what it takes to win.