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Full Time

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Sacramento, CA

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Job Description

This position reports to the Public Space Services Manager and is part of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership Public Space Services team. This position patrols the downtown district from Front Street to 16th Street and from H to L streets equipped with maps, two-way radios, and smart phones. Downtown Guides act as the eyes and ears for downtown police and local officials, work in direct partnership with downtown merchants to keep an open line of communication between local agencies and the people they serve. You will assist with reporting criminal and nuisance activity and work with law enforcement to improve public safety downtown.

Requirements: Must be able to patrol (walk) on foot for a 10 hour shift, exposed to all weather elements (Hot, Cold, Rain, Sunshine). Incumber will be expected to navigate varied terrain including curbs, sidewalks, grass, uneven dirt and boardwalks etc.

Incumbent must be able to speak clearly.

Incumbent must be able to carry a radio and gear pack around their waist, wear shoes, socks, shorts, undershirt and polo shirt, ball cap and radio during entire shift.

Salary: $15-$20 (Dependent on Experience)

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain a pleasant approachable demeanor at all times. Actively greet citizens while performing patrol.
  • Assist merchants in mitigating issues that affect the safety and security of downtown.
  • Monitor assigned area for persons breaking city/state codes and laws. Report individuals to the proper authorities or advise them of the statute which is being violated.
  • Help connect homeless individuals to Navigators to receive whole person care.
  • Record and report all infrastructure hazards as well as instances of dilapidation or vandalism i.e. graffiti, broken pedestrian lights, broken windows, etc.
  • Notify Emergency Medical Services of those in need of medical attention.
  • Patrol on foot, an assigned area designated by direct supervisor. While on patrol of assigned area, actively seek out individuals in need of assistance. Assist and direct shoppers, downtown workers, and visitors to their destinations within the District as well as answer questions and/or concerns they may have.

Personal Relations
Incumbent will work as a team member to his/her fellow Downtown Guides as well as the Maintenance Services Team Members and Navigator Program.

Incumbent will meet with the Supervisor on a daily basis, briefing him/her on the status of his/her work. While on patrol, Incumbent will meet with Team Members to exchange work related information or to
assist in completing a task.

Incumbents may contact officers, and other civil servants to pass on work related information and to assist them in their duties.

Incumbent will actively greet citizens while performing his/her patrol.

Knowledge/Skills required by the Job

  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Maintenance experience
  • Knowledge of downtown
  • Strong work ethic
  • Proactively completes tasks and problem solves

Upon completion of 3-week on-the-job training

  • Knowledge of downtown retailers and services
  • Working knowledge of radio “9 codes”, phonetic alphabet, and radio procedures
  • Working knowledge of local and state codes and ordinances
  • Document all activity on appropriate forms

The incumbent shall work well under pressure, meet multiple and sometimes competing deadlines. Theincumbent shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.
To apply, submit cover letter and résumé to [email protected]